We Are New Contributors for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine

March 11th, 2015

We were approached by Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine to be contributors on their new website.   Needless to say, we were thrilled beyond words and happy to oblige.  The following video is the first one we recorded for the website.  You will continue to see our work featured on the website along with fresh videos and new content, including “Ask the Expert”, as well as our featured events.  We hope you enjoy the video and continue to visit Wedding Style Magazine’s website to see editorials on Exquisite Events.

Have an Exquisite Day and we will see you next Wednesday!

Getting Ready for the Second Annual Luxe Hotels Wedding Event!

March 4th, 2015

As we are approaching the Second Annual Luxe Hotels Wedding Event, we thought it’d be fun to highlight last year’s event. We are thrilled to be on the Host Committee again this year and are looking forward to a great evening on March 9th! For more information, visit the Luxe Hotels Wedding Event website, or click on the flyer below.


This was such an exciting planning process! Getting to know Renee Strauss was an inspiration. We also loved being fully taken care of by the Luxe Hotel each time we went there for meeting!


Renee Strauss used to be a retail queen for high-end wedding gown designers. She left the retail business and became the wedding ambassador for Luxe Hotels all over the world. This was her first high-end wedding event with Luxe. She approached us to be part of the host committee, which entailed collaborate design of the event, influence in social media, getting to know the layout of the property, and communication with hotel staff.


Planning and designing consisted of developing a concept for our 15 x 27 foot space. We decided on an ombre color scheme of radiant orchid pink, the color of the year. Our phenomenal table linens and chair covers were done by Wildflower Linens.




We  really wanted to do something different than the typical floral centerpiece, so we created a tress atop square tables and hung flowers from top and bottom. Eddie from Tic-Tock flowers did an outstanding job. It was whimsical, but sophisticated. The zigzag effect of  the tables gave it a multi-dimensional look.


Diann Valentine, a co-host and very creative and edgy designer, recently did a wedding at the St. Regis with a hanging cake structure, so we wanted to incorporate that cake and that created a very big WOW factor.


On the sweetheart table, which was an Exquisite Events design, we used silver from the Exquisite Events line. This included jewelry boxes as favors, large silver bowls for the floral center pieces, and lovely silver chargers.
Luxe_Event_0102 Luxe_Event_0149

The backdrop was also unique. Instead of the typical drapery, we wanted to do something a little different to cover up the back wall. We had panels in pinks light to dark accompanying tables of the opposite shade.


Guests loved our space! We were so happy to hear comments all night with so much positive feedback.


Another highlight of the night was the Sareh Nouri fashion show. The detail on her gowns is extraordinary – the French lace, the roughing, and the embellishments were gorgeous. Her line had old world charm and a Grace Kelly feel.


About 300 brides and grooms-to-be were in attendance, and everyone enjoyed the fabulous hors devours, desserts, and open bar.



The night was a great success, and we are looking forward to future events with Renee and Luxe Hotels.
Have an Exquisite day, and see you next Wednesday!

Reema and Kunal’s Wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel | Part 2 – Grand Reception

February 25th, 2015

During the design meeting, our couple expressed the desire to have turquoise, which was the groom’s favorite color, and aubergine, which was the bride’s favorite color. The room was draped in eggplant with silver valances and featured a silver dance floor and chairs.

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 1

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 2

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 11

We decided to do the flowers in jewel tones—therefore, deep purples, merlots and burgundy colors were used for centerpieces.

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 6

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 7

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 8

All the square tables and the head table were dressed in Camilla Teal from Wildflower Linen.

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 9

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 10

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 12

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 13

The cake table had solid teal.

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 4

The stage was designed with mirrored and tufted panels and had a regal charm about them.

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 3

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 5

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 24

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 23

The lighting was done in very soft pink and the ambiance was magical.

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 14

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 15

The ballroom doors were opened amidst all the “Oooohs” and “Aaaahs.” Ribbon dancers and LED dancers performed elegant dance movements on the dance floor as the guests took their seats.

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 16

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 17

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 18

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 19

The Grand Entrance featured dhol players and all eyes were on the couple as they went to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife.

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 25

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 26

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 20

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 21

Bhangra dancers were hired to open the dance floor and the energy in the room was electrifying.

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 27

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 28

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 29

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 30

Reema and Kunal Four Seasons Reception 31

Needless to say, our couple was over the moon with the entire event and we have not stopped receiving touching and lovely thank you notes to this day. We are excitedly looking forward to doing something beautiful for the last daughter and when the time comes we will be ready.


Have an Exquisite day and we will see you next Wednesday!

Reema & Kunal’s Wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel | Part One – Sikh Ceremony

February 18th, 2015

We are very fortunate to have the clients’ trust to do repeat business with them.  This particular client has four children and this was the third child’s wedding that we designed and planned.

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 2

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 1

He is an absolute dream client and wanted to pull no stops for the celebration.  The fact that he trusts us implicitly also made it an extremely joyful planning process. We had a total of four months to plan their high-scale wedding with seven hundred expected guests.  There was one design meeting with the couple to understand their vision and style and a few subsequent meetings for the walk-through and vendor walk-through at the hotel.  Since the groom was from Seattle, they arrived a few days before the wedding and had their own celebrations and events.  We were fortunate to get both the ceremony and ballroom spaces the day before the event to do our install and set up. That was a huge help as this event had a lot of moving parts.

By Friday night, our ceremony tent was all done with the exception of flowers and some minor tweaking and details.

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 4

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 3

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 5

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 6

We woke up on January 24th to gusty winds that created a havoc in the tent.  The winds were so strong that chandeliers were moving violently and at times the tent ceiling was coming down.  Our initial design entailed bringing the outdoors to the indoors. The tent was going to be an open tent, but with the situation at hand, we decided to enclose the tent to provide comfort to the guests.

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 7

The winds also posed a safety challenge with the rented helicopter that was to drop tons of rose petals at the start of our groom’s procession.  With us (Nikki and Madiha), safety comes first, so we were in close contact with the company. We decided to wait until half an hour before to make that call.  As luck would have it, the winds died down considerably to have a smooth baraat, petal drop, snacks on the waterfall lawn and then the transition to the ceremony, which went off without a hitch.

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 9

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 11

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 10

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 8

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 12

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 14

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 15

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 13

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 16

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 17

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 21

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 20

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 22

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 24

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 25

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 23

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 19

Reema & Kunal Sikh Ceremony 18

The bride had a send-off in a doli which took the couple in the horse carriage to the front of the hotel for them to get ready for their grand reception.

Have an Exquisite day and we will see you next Wednesday for Part Two of Reema and Kunal’s beautiful wedding–their reception!

Madiha’s Wedding

February 11th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

For this week’s blog, we thought we would celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing my wedding from October 2003. It’s hard to believe it has been over 11 years since we got married but I will say that I was the most lucky and relaxed bride because my mom planned the entire thing! The mehndi was held at a country club in LA and to me, the most fun part about this was that I had family fly in from everywhere so the days leading up to the wedding we spent making flower garlands and prepping for the event. It was so fun and festive and was even more special because so many close friends and family were there leading up to it.





Our parents :)








So much fun seeing everyone have a great time! Luckily we had a day in between to recover before the wedding.


The wedding was held at the historical Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. We had seen about 15 venues before we came to this venue and as soon as I saw it I was in love. There is so much history there and the fact that the 1st Academy Awards were held there in 1929 made it even cooler. I also loved that there were portraits of Frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn in the ballroom-very old Hollywood.




My now 24 year old brother and 12 year old niece.


One of my favorite pictures with all my brothers.



John Solano had me laughing the entire time.


If you know me you know my extreme fear of heights. John Solano took me to the emergency exit of the 10th floor to get this shot and it turned out really cool.


I attached my Quran to the bouquet.



A moment with my dad before I walked down the aisle.








We were lucky enough to get access to the rooftop to get some really cool shots of the Hollywood sign in the background.


It’s amazing how much things in the wedding industry have changed so much over the last 11 years, but I still look back at my wedding and love everything about it.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

Have an Exquisite day and we will see you next Wednesday!

Photo Credits: John Solano Photography

2015’s Top Wedding Trends | Part 3 – Wedding Decor

February 4th, 2015

This week, we are going to cover all things decor from ceremony trends to reception trends. Weddings are meant to be fun, unique, engaging, and full of love and personality. Exquisite Events has been able to create some amazing and interesting decor trends that have left quite an impression. Let’s take a look at some fun trends that we think will be seen more frequently this year and in the years to come!

We love the idea of a suspended cake. It is a beautiful attention-grabber and a fun way to display 360-degree views of all the tiers.


Open canopies create a dynamic and romantic ambiance, especially for twilight weddings. The mixture of an indoor-outdoor feel makes for an intimate setting and a beautiful space.

Mike and Nishita's Rooftop Reception 3

Mike and Nishita's Rooftop Reception 4


Monogrammed dance floors add a meaningful and personal touch to a wedding reception. An added bonus is that they can be used to cover up patterned carpet in the room.

Dance Floor Ebell Mendhi Party

Beverly Hills Hotel Reception 19

Wedding Reception Dance Floor | Exquisite Events FS Westlake

Styled rose petal arrangement is an elegant and fun added effect to the aisle way. It creates a dramatic and beautiful element to the ceremony decor.

Rustic Barn Wedding 5

Four Seasons Westlake Exquisite Events Ceremony

A mixture of colors create a beautiful effect.


We are excited to see more of these unique trends in the coming years!

Have an Exquisite week and we will see you next Wednesday!

2015’s Top Wedding Trends | Part 2 – Destination Weddings

January 28th, 2015

There’s nothing more romantic than a destination wedding. Think about it. Who wouldn’t want to jetset off to a glorious beach resort, marry the love of their life, be surrounded by close friends and relatives, and then enjoy a honeymoon without having to go anywhere? From Mexico to Europe to luxurious locations right here in the United States, destination weddings are a huge trend right now. So grab your favorite umbrella drink and kick up your feet as we take you on a tour of our favorite destination wedding locations around the world!

Punta Mita, Mexico

The Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita is just 45 minutes from Puerta Vallarta. This secluded resort offers a spa, two golf courses, world-class snorkelling and a tequila tour.

Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico 3

Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico 2

Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico 1

Paris, France

Le Meurice has breathtaking class and style and is located right in the heart of Paris. The hotel features a luxurious spa, grand ballrooms, incredible suites, and views of the Eiffel Tower.

Le Meurice Paris, France 1

Le Meurice Paris, France 2

Le Meurice Paris, France 3

Santorini, Greece

The Canaves Oia Hotel in Santorini, Greece is set on the mountain side with stunning views of the Caldera and Aegean Seas. The hotel offers a private yacht for those who wish to tour the island.

Greece 2

Greece 3

Greece 1

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Breathe in the fresh, salty island air at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Kaupulehu. The resort offers two-story, open-air suites, stunning pools,  and romantic ocean views.

Hualalai Hawaii 1

Hualalai Hawaii 2

Hualalai Hawaii 3

Santa Barbara, California

The Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara boasts of 78 acres of oceanfront property as well romantic garden pathways and Spanish-style architecture.

Santa Barbara Bacara 1

Santa Barbara Bacara 2

Santa Barbara Bacara 3

Whether near or far, destination weddings have such an intimate and romantic feel to them. Let us plan your destination wedding – we promise it will be an Exquisite dream come true!

Have an Exquisite day and we will see you next Wednesday!


Photos originally from The Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, Le Meurice, The Canaves Oia Hotel, The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, and The Bacara Resort and Spa.

2015’s Top Wedding Trends | Part 1 – Bridal Gowns

January 21st, 2015

For the next couple of weeks, we are taking a break from our event blogs to bring you what is HOT in 2015! We’ll be highlighting gowns, wedding decor, destination wedding sites, and more. We’d also love your suggestions! Email us here.

2015 Bridal Gown Trends

As we all know, fashion is always evolving. The bridal industry evolves even more so, as weddings are usually planned several months (or years) in advance. We want to take this week to profile two of 2015’s hottest bridal gown trends in today’s luxury market: high-neck lace gowns and elegant tulle-skirt gowns. Several luxury designers like Carolina HerreraMarchesa, Monique Lhuillier, and Oscar de la Renta have featured these trends in many of the gowns in their 2015 bridal collections.

High-Neck Bridal Gowns

Camelia, Carolina Herrera, 2015

Camelia, Carolina Herrera, 2015

Marchesa, 2015

Marchesa, 2015

Freya, Monique Lhuillier, 2015

Freya, Monique Lhuillier, 2015

Campbell, Oscar de la Renta, 2015

Campbell, Oscar de la Renta, 2015

Tulle Skirt Bridal Gowns

Charlie, Carolina Herrera, 2015

Charlie, Carolina Herrera, 2015

Marchesa, 2015

Marchesa, 2015

Anouk, Monique Lhuillier, 2015

Anouk, Monique Lhuillier, 2015

Charlotte, Oscar de la Renta, 2015

Charlotte, Oscar de la Renta, 2015

These designers have even featured both trends in their gowns.

Delfina, Carolina Herrera, 2015

Delfina, Carolina Herrera, 2015

Marchesa, 2015

Marchesa, 2015

Frost, Monique Lhuillier, 2015

Frost, Monique Lhuillier, 2015

Chelsea, Oscar de la Renta, 2015

Chelsea, Oscar de la Renta, 2015

Any one of these gowns will make you feel like a Disney princess on your special day. No bride can go wrong when highlighting these trends in their search for their perfect wedding dress!

Have an Exquisite day and we will see you next Wednesday!


Photos originally from: Carolina Herrera, Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta



The Grand Del Mar Wedding Experience

January 14th, 2015

It is rare for planners to attend events where they are able to sit and enjoy the event and be pampered along the way.  During Christmas, Paige Levy and Charles Stuart of San Diego Hotels: The Grand Del Mar – A San Diego Luxury Hotel hosted “A trip around the world in 24 hours.” They invited about 60 planners for a lovely evening of dinner and dancing and spared no detail!

The Grand Del Mar Experience 2

The Grand Del Mar Experience 17

We checked in to the hotel, where each of us had our own King size luxury room overlooking the stunning grounds of the property. Hair and makeup appointments were set up for us by Call Me Beautiful where we were able to get dolled up for the evening festivities.

The Grand Del Mar Experience 15

As soon as we got ready, we headed to the hotel lobby for cocktail hour and this was where we were able to mingle and meet with all our friends in the industry.

The Grand Del Mar Experience 12

The Grand Del Mar Experience 14

The Grand Del Mar Experience 13

All of us were quite curious as to what was in store for the rest of the evening. We were escorted to the main ballroom and as the ballroom doors opened we were greeted by an incredible 20 piece band from Westcoast Music.

The Grand Del Mar Experience 16

The decor was absolutely spectacular with video mapped images of Italy and France on the walls. It felt as though we were in a Tuscan-Mediterranean dream. The tablescape was stunning by Kathy Wright and the furniture was nothing less than spectacular from Revelry Event Designers.

The Grand Del Mar Experience 1

The Grand Del Mar Experience 3

The Grand Del Mar Experience 4

The Grand Del Mar Experience 5

The Grand Del Mar Experience 6

The Grand Del Mar Experience 7

The Grand Del Mar Experience 8

The Grand Del Mar Experience 9

The Grand Del Mar Experience 10

The Grand Del Mar Experience 11

We were treated to the most delectable Four Course meal while the band performed everything from Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift to Bel Biv Devoe and Boyz II Men. It was such a fun night and as you can see by the video, everyone was on the dance floor!

Video Capture

Click Here to See the Video!


The Grand Del Mar Experience 20

The Grand Del Mar Experience 18

The Grand Del Mar Experience 19

After dinner, we were taken to the room next door where they had set up the after party and dessert. They had DJ Danno set up and the party continued!

The Grand Del Mar Experience 21

The Grand Del Mar Experience 22

The Grand Del Mar Experience 23

The Grand Del Mar Experience 24

The next morning, we were treated to a full brunch including an omelet station, French toast, and everything in between before everyone checked out.

Thank you so much to Paige and Charles for having us. It was truly a “Grand Experience.”

Have an Exquisite day and we will see you next Wednesday!

Twenty Things You Didn’t Know About Exquisite Events – The Bridal Circle

January 7th, 2015
We love to share images with you from our recent events but we would also like for you to get to know a little bit more about Nikki and Madiha. Here are 20 things you didn’t know about Exquisite Events (courtesy of The Bridal Circle).
Nikki and Madiha

The powerhouse mother-daughter team at Exquisite Events, Nikki and Madiha Khan, have forged an incredible event design business together in sunny Southern California. Stylish, savvy and discerning, this talented duo specializes in producing extravagant Indian and Pakistani weddings and events, including Mehndi and Sangeet ceremonies, in addition to authentic Indian ceremonies.  Sumptuous dinner parties, soirees and other cultural celebrations are all executed with ease and professionalism.  Exquisite Events’ success has been showcased in such publications as Inside Weddings, Bride & Bloom, Ceremony, EastWest, Your Wedding Day and Grace Ormond, to name a few.

Since the month of November is all about family and thankfulness, we couldn’t think of a better pair to feature for 20 Things You Didn’t Know this month. Take a look below for 20 Things about Nikki and another 20 Things about Madiha. We loved getting to know each of these gorgeous ladies just a bit better, and seeing how they are alike – and so very different, too!

Read on and celebrate the beauty of family – and coworkers! – with us. Meet Nikki and Madiha!

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Nikki

  1. I spent my teen age years in Switzerland and attended the prestigious Swiss Finishing School.
  2. I have traveled extensively all over Europe and Asia.
  3. I have been married for 42 incredible years.
  4. I am the proud mother of four and doting grandma to 4 grandkids.
  5. I adore my daughter and partner in business, Madiha Khan, and consider it a privilege to work with her.
  6. I have lived in the US (LA) since 1972.
  7. I was born in Pakistan.
  8. I worked as a clinical dietician before launching Exquisite Events.
  9. I am a native Southern Californian.
  10. I take fashion and style seriously.
  11. I am obsessed with beautiful handbags and shoes.
  12. I enjoy reading in my spare time.
  13. I speak four languages.
  14. I love to entertain at home.
  15. I enjoy connecting with like-minded people and fostering lifelong friendships.
  16. My father was a Rhodes Scholar and spoke ten languages fluently.
  17. I went to UCLA and received my undergrad degree there.
  18. I had an amazing and memorable childhood in Pakistan.
  19. I am currently working on a coffee table book.
  20. I have developed wonderful and ever-lasting friendships with some of my clients.

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Madiha

  1. I got married at 23.
  2. I drive a manual Mini Cooper and have taken it to the track.
  3. I have a 3 year old son named Zayn.
  4. I love to dance.
  5. My favorite flower is a peony.
  6. I’m taking Italian lessons because I love all things Italian.
  7. I love to cook.
  8. I love warm weather – good thing I live in Cali!
  9. I have an extreme fear of flying and spiders.
  10. My favorite scents are Gardenia and Jasmin.
  11. I am obsessed with live music.
  12. I got LASIK surgery this year and it has changed my life.
  13. I love to play dress-up and be girly but I am a tomboy at heart.
  14. Dum and Dumber is one of my favorite comedies.
  15. I’m a huge Top Chef and Project Runway fan.
  16. I have 3 brothers and am an aunt to 2 nieces and a nephew.
  17. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school.
  18. I love classic rock.
  19. My first concert was U2 at Dodger Stadium on Halloween night in 1992 – I was 12.
  20. One of my favorite stores is Anthropologie.
Have an Exquisite day and we will see you next Wednesday!
Cover photo by Jen O’Sullilvan
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